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Hiecise love foundation

2021-06-15 12:22
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"Embrace love, run for hope"

——Hiecise love foundation

The company established Hiecise love foundation on June 19, 2015. Hiecise love foundation is a mutual love and mutual assistance platform for Hiecise employees to participate in voluntarily. With the core of transmitting the great love of the world and carrying forward the spirit of social righteousness, Hiecise love foundation provides help to all employees of the company who have difficulties in life due to major accidents. The company leaders Liu Xiangxiong, Cao Yuzhong and Zhao Zeming, as the sponsors of Hiecise love foundation, respectively donated 50000 yuan as the initiating fund; the company, as the initiating unit of the love foundation, donated 100000 yuan as the foundation fund of the love foundation, and after the foundation was established, they will make donations to the love foundation every year.

The establishment of Hiecise love foundation provides a more convenient channel for spreading the company's great love. It helps to pay close attention to the employees in need in time, and send them care and assistance in time to help them get out of the plight of life and realize the vision of happiness.


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