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As a listed company, Hiecise equipment fully realizes the importance of legal and compliance operation for the long-term and stable development of the enterprise. The company is striving to build a compliance risk management system covering the whole supply chain and all business units.
Hiecise equipment has established a perfect corporate governance structure in accordance with the corporate governance guidelines for listed companies, including the board of directors, the professional committees under the board of directors, the board of supervisors, the management team and functional departments, and clarified the responsibilities and authorities of each organization.
In order to set up the anti-corruption and anti-corruption education for all employees of the company, we should be aware of the anti-corruption and anti-corruption policies of all employees. The company routinely signs a letter of commitment on employee integrity and self-discipline with each manager, sales, purchasing and other sensitive positions, clearly stipulating the professional behavior norms and disciplinary measures that employees should abide by. The company regularly organizes special training on laws, regulations, internal control risk management and anti bribery for employees in sensitive positions to control employees' employment risks and protect their legitimate rights and interests.
The company communicates with its employees and partners through various channels on its compliance and anti bribery management requirements. The company publicizes the company's compliance and anti bribery policies to the cadres / employees by the top management at regular cadre / employee mobilization meetings, so as to promote employees to establish the concept of compliance operation and behavior. Through improving the commercial contract terms, the company restricts all kinds of partners to build a business partnership of integrity, integrity, health and sustainable development.

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