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Build reputation with strength

2020-11-24 11:58
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Recently, the heavy plate Department of Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Baosteel) sent a thank you letter to our company, expressing our sincere thanks for the timely coordination of our leaders, the high professional level of technical personnel and the service concept of customer first.

On June 3, 2018, Baosteel Heavy Plate Roller imported grinder spindle stuck, which may cause the grinder to stop for a long time. In the emergency, Baosteel Heavy Plate Department learned that our company had helped Baosteel cold rolling mill successfully eliminate similar problems, and immediately contacted us. Although our company did not fulfill the obligation of repairing this time, after knowing this situation, in line with the service concept of "urgent to customers", after consulting the company's leaders, we immediately dispatched three experienced and skilled technicians huaru, Yang Wenping and Yang Sheng to the site, and arrived at Baosteel in the afternoon of the same day to carry out emergency repair work.

After investigation, it is determined that the main shaft of the grinder is locked, so the spindle must be disassembled for maintenance. Once the heavy plate roller grinder is shut down for a long time, the heavy plate production line will stop production and seriously affect the normal production of heavy plate. In order to minimize the impact of the fault, our technicians worked hard and worked overtime at the repair site. After three days and three nights of continuous struggle, we successfully eliminated the fault. After the repair was completed, we also actively assisted the other party in commissioning and confirmation, which ensured the production of Baosteel's heavy plate department to the greatest extent. Huaru and other three employees have won the unanimous recognition of Baosteel with their excellent professional technology, profound technology accumulation in the field of roller grinder and down-to-earth and willing work style, which has laid a solid foundation for further cooperation between our company and Baosteel in the future.

Baosteel is a well-known leading enterprise in the iron and steel industry in the world. For a long time, Baosteel has been using similar products imported from abroad. There are still some concerns about the powerful domestic grinder manufacturers such as Hiecise. However, the service provided by the imported grinder manufacturers has been characterized by low efficiency, long cycle and high charges, which often puzzles them. Through the rush repair of the grinding head spindle, which is the heart of the grinder, we have proved to the iron and steel giants like Baosteel that our company is fully capable and capable of providing professional technical services and support as foreign grinder manufacturers do, and we are fully reliable partners.

After years of innovation, development and scientific research accumulation, Hiecise company has achieved leapfrog development in the field of fully automatic CNC roller grinder, and has already grown into a leading enterprise in the domestic industry. The grinder has replaced imports in many fields, and has a strong market influence and brand reputation. At the same time, Hiecise also adheres to the cooperation concept of "in-depth consideration of customers, understanding customer needs" and the spirit of "sincere, customer service", to safeguard the interests of customers with practical actions. In the future, "Hiecise people" will continue to carry forward the "craftsman spirit", create a new service benchmark in the industry, and strive to bring better service for customers!
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