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Persistence under high temperature -- Hiecise people write

2021-06-15 12:22
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Over the past few days, Kunshan entered the "steaming and baking" mode, 36 ℃, 35 ℃, 35 ℃ The continuous high temperature moment is testing our staff in the production line.

Since July 17 of this year, Lucheng has begun to usher in the hot summer season. Hiecise's front-line staff, especially the spray painting team, riveting welding team, maintenance team, large machine plus one team and small machine processing part of the staff, have relatively hard working conditions, but they are not afraid of the high temperature, as always, stick to their respective positions, work hard and conscientiously, fight in the front line with a down-to-earth, conscientious and responsible work attitude Sweat composed a high temperature work, conscientious, hard work of the work scene. Although their posts are ordinary, it is precisely because of their persistent pursuit of product quality and their responsible attitude to work that they are willing to be a firm screw of the company, which shows from the side the "craftsman spirit" of all "Hiecise people" who are determined to forge ahead, face difficulties and forge ahead, laying a solid and powerful foundation for every step forward and development of the company Beautiful footprints!

At the same time, in view of the high temperature and muggy weather of "dog days", the management and Logistics Department of our company also took corresponding measures at the first time, focusing on strengthening the labor protection of front-line employees, adding cooling articles for front-line employees, ensuring the normal supply of heatstroke prevention and cooling articles, and adding mung bean soup to lunch. At the same time, the labor union of Zhoushi town of Kunshan City also came to our company to carry out the "cool off" consolation activity in 2018. The leaders and staff of the labor union of the town prepared salt and soda, soap, shower gel, essential balm and other heatstroke prevention items, which brought a trace of coolness to the front-line employees of Hiecise who still stick to their posts in the hot summer.

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