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Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau visited and inspected the pilot work of safety risk identification and control in our company

2020-11-24 11:56
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On the afternoon of July 23, more than 80 people, including Zhu Weiyuan, director of Kunshan administration of work safety, and Tai Jicheng, deputy director of Kunshan Municipal Administration of work safety, visited Hiecise and inspected the pilot work of safety risk identification and control of our company. Liu Xiangxiong, general manager of our company, and Hu Fang, director of management department, accompanied the visit. Ding Yan, the safety administrator, gave a briefing.

In March this year, since the pilot work of urban safety risk identification and control in Kunshan City was carried out, Hiecise has the honor to become the second batch of pilot enterprises in the city. Therefore, under the comprehensive guidance of safety expert Zhong Lianying, our company has set up a risk assessment team to organize and carry out all staff education, conscientiously implement the requirements of the implementation plan for enterprise risk assessment and control, and carry out risk identification and refinement work in combination with the enterprise's own process flow, actual site environment and opinions of operators. At the same time, according to the working characteristics of front-line employees, our company mobilized grass-roots employees to participate in the risk identification of their own positions. From the factory to the workshop, from the workshop to the team, from the team to the post, we constantly supplemented and improved the content of the enterprise risk list, and effectively combined the risk identification work with the construction of enterprise teams and groups to achieve the goal, which effectively promoted the safety of our company The construction of double prevention mechanism of full risk hierarchical control and hidden danger investigation and control further consolidated the safety supervision work of our company.

hu Weiyuan, director of the municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, and Tai Jicheng, deputy director of the Bureau, fully affirmed the achievements of our company's safety risk assessment and control, and praised Hiecise for its long-term focus on on on-site safety management. Zhu said that Hiecise's safety management level had reached the provincial level, and it was indeed the "top ten safety enterprise" in Kunshan City.

Finally, Liu Xiangxiong, general manager of Hiecise, expressed his thanks to the leaders of the Safety Supervision Bureau for visiting our company and guiding the work. He said that through the comprehensive promotion of the pilot work of safety risk identification and control in our city, enterprises can better and more systematically identify and control risks after further learning, control risks in front of hidden dangers, eliminate hidden dangers in front of accidents, and ensure the "front door" of safety production. In the future, Hiecise will continue to sum up experience, explore effective working methods, improve risk management and control, and effectively improve the enterprise's own risk prevention ability and safety production management level.
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